Euro Ewing Consortium

International Clinical Trials to Improve Survival from Ewing Sarcoma

Call for requests from EEC Partners for access to TMAs (deadline 29 March 2019)

12 March 2019

The EEC has been successful in the collection of biospecimens from patients taking part in the Euro Ewing 2012 and rEECur trials.

A number of TMAs have been made and if you are an EEC Partner and are interested in submitting a proposal to use them, please do so by completing the application form, and returning the signed form to the Trial Management Group for Euro Ewing 2012 and rEECur at:


The TMAs are a very valuable resource and to ensure that they are used appropriately, effectively and within ethical guidelines, all applications will be reviewed by the EEC Sample Sharing Committee that includes members of the Euro Ewing 2012 and rEECur Trial Management Groups, and national pathology coordinators of the EEC.

The deadline for applications is 29 March 2019