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Euro Ewing 2012 - May 2017 update

Euro Ewing 2012 - International Randomised Controlled Trial for the Treatment of Newly Diagnosed Ewing's Sarcoma Family of Tumours

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  • The aim of the Euro Ewing 2012 trial is to compare different chemotherapy regimens to determine which is more effective and/or has fewer side effects.
  • 600 patients will be recruited from across Europe from 2013.

The Euro Ewing 2012 trial is progressing well, with patients now taking part in the UK, France, Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands, Czech Republic and Ireland. The trial is expected to be to open to patients in Denmark, Hungary, Italy and Switzerland later in 2017.

  • 301 patients have been recruited so far
  • Of these, 286 have consented to the use of their blood and tissue samples for biological research studies
  • As of March 2017, we have collected the following biological samples: blood at diagnosis from 186 patients, frozen tumour tissue from 70 patients, preserved* tumour tissue from 143 patients)
  • Laboratory research on these patient samples is underway

(*preserved by embedding in paraffin)

Before any results can be released, we have to wait until we have recruited all the 600 patients and followed them for a period of time to see how they get on with treatment. It will take a number of years to reach the target of 600 patients at which point statisticians will be able to analyse all the information. The data is reviewed regularly by independent bodies to check for any safety concerns. Each person who takes part in the trial provides invaluable data and provides an important contribution Ewing sarcoma research.

We are grateful to those patients who have agreed to join this trial, and to their families, and treating clinical teams across Europe

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